1 Command line

mail -fread from mbox file
mail -s "[title]"send mail with title option

2 Help:

  • ? | l[ist] | hel[p] #list commands

3 Mesages list

n[nr]Show message number nr.
+The next undeleted message, or the next deleted message for the undelete command.
-The next previous undeleted message, or the next previous deleted message for the undelete command.
.The current message.
$The last message.

4 Move:

z+screen forward
z-screen backward
=show number of current message
+next message
$last message

5 Main

h[eaders]show headers of all
f[rom] *list all mails with headers
folderdirectory list
to [msglist]list top of message
q[uit]save and exit
rreply to all
xexit without save
e[dit] [msglist]edit
si[ze]size current message
p[rint]print current message
p 3print 3-rd message
folist directories
setshow variables
set name=stringdefine variable

6 Manipulation:

d[elete] [msglist]delete current message
u[ndelete] [msglist]undelete message
Uset message as unread
s[ave] [msglist]save

7 All messages.

n-mrange of message numbers.
addressAll messages from address
/stringAll messages with string in the subject line (case ignored).
:cAll messages of type c, where c shall be one of:
dDeleted messages.
nNew messages.
oOld messages (any not in state read or new).
rRead messages.
uUnread messages.