M-[left]/[right]nesting level
M-[up]/[down]change place on the same level
[Shift]-[left]/[right]task status | list type
[Shift]-[down]task priority
C-c C-qadd/change tag
C-c C-x padd property
C-c C-x ddelete property
C-c C-eexport to another format
C-c C-cedit checkbox
C-c C-e tinstert default template
-----horizontal line
\\end of line (during export to html)
C-c C-ledit link
C-c C-ofollow the link
[[target]]link to target
[[header]]link to header
C-c .add timestamp
[Shift]-[right]change timestamp
C-c C-dadd deadline time
C-c C-sadd schedule time
C-c aopen agenda
fforward week
bbackward week
.present day
C-c [add file to agenda
C-c ]remove from agenda
org-agenda-file variable
[space]press space in agenda window to go to event
[% | /]lists status
[ ]checkbox
C-^sort table
| col1 | col2 | [tab]add table row
|-add horizontal line
M-[left] | [right] | [up] | [down] move column | row
[Shift]-M-[down]insert row above
[Shift]-M-[up]delete current row
[Shift]-M-[right]insert column
[Shift]-M-[left]delete column
insert vertical line at first row if want export to html
#+ATTR_HTML: border="1" rules="all" frame="all"border between cells during export to html
<nr>put in empty cell to set column width, you can set #+STARTUP: align parameter
:=add forumla to the current field
:=vmean(@II..@III)vertical arythmetic mean from II to III horizontal line
:=vsum(@II..@III)vertical sum from II to III horizontal line
=add forumla to the whole column, if the field contains only ‘=’, the previously stored formula for this column is used
C-c ?find table current field coordinates
C-c }grid coordinates on/off
$1first column
@1first row
$-2third column from right to left
$+2third column from left to right
@Ifirst hline
@I..@IIrange from first hline to second hline
@1$21nd row, 2rd column
@-1$-3the field one row up, three columns to the left
@-I$2field just under hline above current row, column 2
@2$1..@4$36 fields between these two fields
@-1$-2..@-13 numbers from the column to the left, 2 up to current row
C-u C-c =install a new formula for the current field
C-c =edit the formula for the current field
C-c C-crecompute formula
C-u C-c *recompute all table
C-u C-c *recompute all table
#+TBLFM: @10$2=vsum(@II..@III)::@11$2=@2$2+@3$2compute multi formulas
#+TBLFM: $3=@-1+1::@2$3=1ordered nubmer list at 3rd col
     #+TITLE:       the title to be shown (default is the buffer name)
     #+AUTHOR:      the author (default taken from user-full-name)
     #+DATE:        a date, fixed, of a format string for format-time-string
     #+EMAIL:       his/her email address (default from user-mail-address)
     #+DESCRIPTION: the page description, e.g. for the XHTML meta tag
     #+KEYWORDS:    the page keywords, e.g. for the XHTML meta tag
     #+LANGUAGE:    language for HTML, e.g. ‘en’ (org-export-default-language)
     #+TEXT:        Some descriptive text to be inserted at the beginning.
     #+TEXT:        Several lines may be given.
     #+OPTIONS:     H:2 num:t toc:t \n:nil @:t ::t |:t ^:t f:t TeX:t ...
     #+LINK_UP:     the ``up'' link of an exported page
     #+LINK_HOME:   the ``home'' link of an exported page
     #+LATEX_HEADER: extra line(s) for the LaTeX header, like \usepackage{xyz}

you can put all above settings to one file and point at by:
#+SETUPFILE: ~/[filepath]
@<b>bold text@</b>use html tags
#+HTML: Literal HTML code for exportas above
All lines between these markers are exported literally
as above
! before export to pdf you must install rubber