rpm -q –changelog [package]changelog
rpm -U/-i –test [package].rpmtest before install
rpm -qa –last | headinstallation time of last packages
rpm -ql [package]dpkg -L [package]file list installed by package
rpm -qf [file]yum provides [file]dpkg -S [file]package name which is owner of file
rpm -qi [package]yum info [package]dpkg -s [package]info
rpm -q [package]dpkg-query -W [package]package version
rpm -qayum list installeddpkg –listinstalled packages
yum list [package]available packages in repository (about 15000), or package version in repo
rpm -q –whatrequires [package]package needs
rpm -q –provides [package]search missing libs, files
rpm -q –whatprovides libc.so.6yum list provides [shared_obj]
yum whatprovides "\*bin/[file]"search in which package is file
yum whatprovides libpthread*
yum list extrasunoficial repo packages list
rpm -qR [pakiet]yum deplist [pakiet]dependency list
yum check-updateupdate check
yum list updates
rpm -qp –scripts [package].rpmscripts check
rpm -qlp [package].rpmrpm content check
yum -Cusing cache
yum search [string]search by names, descriptions, summaries
yum list [string]\*search by [string]
yum history
yum-complete-transactioncomplete transaction after power crash etc.
yum-complete-transaction –cleanup-onlyclean transaction without resume the aborted transactions
yum clean allremove all traces of the version from /var/cache/yum
yum –releasever=[release_nr_to_sync] distro-sync
yum –rebuilddbrebuild rpm database, recreate database index

yum history

yum history listlast 20 transactins
yum history list allall transactions
yum history list [ID]
yum history info [ID]all info about transaction
yum history package-list [package_name]

Action column

DDowngradeAt least one package has been downgraded to an older version.
EEraseAt least one package has been removed.
IInstallAt least one new package has been installed.
OObsoletingAt least one package has been marked as obsolete.
RReinstallAt least one package has been reinstalled.
UUpdateAt least one package has been updated to a newer version.

Altered column

<Before the transaction finished, the rpmdb database was changed outside Yum.
>After the transaction finished, the rpmdb database was changed outside Yum.
*The transaction failed to finish.
#The transaction finished successfully, but yum returned a non-zero exit code.
EThe transaction finished successfully, but an error or a warning was displayed.
PThe transaction finished successfully, but problems already existed in the rpmdb database.
sThe transaction finished successfully, but the –skip-broken command line option was used and certain packages were skipped.


rpmreapertool for removing packages and find dependencies
package-cleanup –orphansunsupported packages
yumdownloader [package]get rpm package
yumdownloader –source [package]getsource package
rpm2cpio [package].rpm | cpio -idvunpack rpm2cpio
rpm2cpio [package].rpm | cpio -twhat is inside rpm
yum grouplistzainstalowane i dostepne grupy
yum groupinstall '[group]'instalacja grupy
yum groupinfo '[group]'
yum groupremove '[group]'
yum –downloadonly updatedownload only
rpm –querytagsshow all tags
rpm -qa –queryformat "%{NAME}-%{VERSION}-%{RELEASE} (%{ARCH})\n"
rpm -qa –queryformat "%{NAME}-%{VERSION}-%{RELEASE}\t%{INSTALLTIME:date}"
rpm -qa –queryformat "%-40{NAME}%-20{VERSION}%-20{RELEASE}%{INSTALLTIME:date}\n"


  • For RPM repos main database is located in /var/lib/rpm, it is BerkleyDB.